Monday, June 9, 2008

Saved? I don't think so

According to CTV and TSN, they have saved Canada's Second National Anthem. As nostalgic as the song is for me, it really surprises me how nuts Canadians are going over this fact. Honestly, I had no idea that so many Canadians watched Hockey Night In Canada because of the music?

If they really want to save the song, they should release it under the Creative Commons.

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Jeremy said...

I agree that CTV buying the song is not saving it. In fact, the whole thing looks a little suspicious to me. If I believed in conspiracies I would say it is part of the right-wing conspiracy to kill the CBC, but I don't believe in conspiracies. Yet.

Also, I think I can stand watching a hockey game on Saturday night without hearing the HNIC song. I will probably have to turn off CTV when they play it though.

Lakin Wecker said...

Yeah, I agree. It'll be really wierd hearing that song and then cutting to James Duthie and the rest of the TSN crew.

Think maybe we can someone get CTV to buy up Don Cherry's rights too? Then we could watch HNIC in peace.

Jeremy said...

Maybe they can work out a trade. CTV gets Cherry and CBC gets the theme back.