Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A simple problem deserves a simple solution


This past Friday evening I let some frustrations from the week boil over into name-calling on a friends blog post. I apologize to my friend, and I apologize to the Twisted community. Both deserve better.


In my final comment on that post I expressed my intent to respond and to further explain the feelings about twisted that caused me to react in the way I did. I also promised to do my best to ensure that my future posts would be a constructive experience. It is my intent that the series of posts will result in one of two things, or preferably both.

  1. I hope that I will learn something from these posts. Whether it be something about Twisted. Or whether it only turns out to be a lesson on communication.
  2. If any of my complaints are valid, hopefully they will be communicated in a such a manner that the Twisted community can address them and subsequently improve twisted.
Please read the rest of this post on my website.

1 comment:

glyph said...

Lakin, thanks for turning around the ugly name-calling into a productive discussion. I've written a detailed response at http://glyph.twistedmatrix.com/2008/07/constructive-criticism.html - I hope that you find it useful.